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Rock Notes - Love Notes & Music Notes - The Heartbeat Series
by Renee Lee Fisher
Contemporary Romance
(Book One of the Heartbeat Series)
Madison Tierney’s a writer, whose husband, Thomas suddenly left her after 10 years; she is
destroyed and now recently alone and divorced. She picks herself up slowly trying to restore her lost
confidence and ability to love again. She follows her writing passion and ventures to follow a local
band - Rolling Isaac’s and write about them, raw and real and how they follow their dreams. Her
book is titled ROCK NOTES.
Her ex-husband wants to come back, and she is torn with what she had for ten years with him which
was safe, comforting and a committed relationship. And now she is falling hard for the band singer -
Max Rand (Madison calls him Rand), who is several years younger than her and every moment with
him is intense and unpredictable.
Rand has tragically lost love in his life. He has no love left to give. He fills his time with many
groupies and late nights. The story travels you to various concert venues, from a sexy piercing party
to a New Years rocking eve. There are many interruptions and assumptions for this couple along
their journey.
While Madison is writing ROCK NOTES, somewhere along the way she begins to write LOVE
NOTES, which are personal secret love letters for Rand. Also Rand is always writing music with the
hope of creating his first solo album. Both Madison and Rand appear to be able to write their feelings
on paper effortlessly but have a hard time conveying them to one another. This story is about being
so broken inside from having your heart ripped apart, to attempting to rebuild trust, follow your
dreams and hopefully find love.
Will she return to the warm awaiting arms of her ex-husband who still is in love with her? Or will
there be a new beginning for Madison and Rand? Can these two empty souls feel love again? Or will
what ignites between them simply fade away after the concert lights dim?
(Book Two of the Heartbeat Series)
As our bodies joined as one, I felt more in that one moment than I have ever felt with anyone. I never
wanted to leave your arms, your body, and our connection. I believe that you complete me, you were
made for me. I struggled to keep my feelings at bay and not let you know but I am too emotionally
involved with you and to know now that you are with me is beyond belief.
Where we head from here together has unlimited paths. I know I will always have this need now to
have you fulfill me as I know you can. I see you and just a glance across the room to you makes me
want to have us running to the bedroom. Silently I ponder how to relay to you just how much Love I
contain for you. Some days I feel like my heart is about to burst.
Maddy xo
Madison and Rand’s love story continues as they move their relationship to a more passionate,
intimate level…but again they are thrown some challenges. Will Madison and Rand be together and
move forward or…backward? Read what comes their way to cause doubt in their minds. Just when
everything is going fine, sometimes accidents occur.
Oh, God, something horrible has happened. I only remember parts of it and they seem like snapshots
that were taken so quickly…I need to feel you near me. I need to reach out and touch you and let you
know I love you. Rand, I never felt so in love as I do when I am with you.
Maddy xo
“What the hell are you talking about Madison? You have me at a complete loss here?” Rand
Madison must fully trust Rand to commit herself to him forever in marriage. Rand must make her
see and feel what she truly means to him. This story will pull at your heart and make you tear as you
turn the pages that may finally reveal Madison’s handwritten LOVE NOTES.
Will they get their Happily Ever After?
(Book Three of the Heartbeat Series)

How will Madison and Rand keep their love and music playing?
Just when life seems to be going smooth, Madison receives news that leaves her speechless. She's a
writer that for the moment cannot form her words. Rand now is the one to continue their story…his
Music Notes will take you on the tour with Max Rand as his first Solo Album – Simply Mad is
launched. Will his travel for several months put distance in their relationship? Can their love
Rand will travel through his own journey of self discovery along the way. Just when Rand is at a high
point in his life, a collapse . . . will bring one of them down...Rand? Madison?
One person will offer the ultimate sacrifice. See the songs that Rand has written, and where his
inspiration comes from.
Follow this novel and see how it plays out.
Once my eyes closed, my thoughts turned to Rand, lost soul, lost love, so similar to me
but then on stage he was so confident and sure of himself and his place in the world.
That confidence was something that I lacked. He attacked the stage and all his charm
and stunning looks dissolved those that set their eyes or minds on him. My mind kept
trailing over and over about him.
His deep blue eyes, his messy dark hair that just swept over his shoulder, his towering
height, his hidden inks. I could think of nothing but him.
I tensed for a moment when I felt someone hovering over me. I felt a breath and caught
the scent of Rand fresh from a shower. I was lying on my side and I slightly opened my
eyes. I knew I was seeing him, not dreaming. I could see him getting closer and I shut
my eyes, remaining so very still. He reached down, took his curved fingers down my
cheek, so slowly and tenderly and then he leaned in and kissed me on the forehead.
Trailing his mouth down from my forehead he placed a soft kiss on the side of my neck
and then moved upward to the tip of my shoulder and he lightly bit at my cami strap. I
was so completely shocked and although I wanted to reach around and tell him I was
awake, I couldn’t move. I had hopes that in the darkness he didn’t see me see peak
out at him moments earlier. He then whispered, "Night Madison" and he tugged off my
boots and pulled a light blanket over me.
When the sun appeared in the bedroom I awoke all nervous, I got up and went to the
bathroom. I had to search my purse for items to make myself presentable. It had only
been about four hours that I slept. I gathered my boots and put my sweater back on and
went downstairs to find Rand already wide awake and in the kitchen making us some
"I’m starving," he said looking at me like he was ready to devour me. "Madison what are
you hungry for?"
He made me hesitate to answer him, I was definitely hungry for him. "I think I could
eat something." My stomach was excited and jumping inside just from seeing him so
relaxed and cooking.
"Your phone has been vibrating all morning."
"What’s vibrating?" I was too focused on his body and didn’t hear his words.
"Your phone, you left it on the steps last night with your computer."
"Oh, okay that’s what was vibrating." I was still watching his body in motion, and was
thinking of how I would like him to make me stir. He caught me staring at him and I
looked away and then I remembered I had silenced my phone during their practice and
then powered it up when we walked over to the house. I had to pull myself together so
I went to retrieve my phone and I looked at all the missed messages, they were from
Jillian. I hollered back, "Rand, I just need a few minutes to check my messages." I went
into his main front room and dialed her back.
"Where the hell are you?" Jillian yelled. She was so worried that I hadn’t called her and
she stopped by my place having her own key and I was no where to be found. It took
some effort to calm her but I told her briefly what had happened since the concert.
"Jillian can you take me to Philly today to get my car? I don’t want to put Rand out
anymore. I’ll just see if he can bring me back to my house."
"I’ll agree only on one condition, I want every single detail, don’t leave anything out, I
want all of them!" I had to put my hand over the phone as she said this. She was so
loud and I hoped Rand did not hear any of this.
"Hey, I should go, I don’t want to be rude, he is making me breakfast," I whispered to
"No I bet you’re his breakfast…but I’ll come get you at noon. You can tell me then how
great this sexy man is."
I didn’t get to comment, as she hung up too quickly. Rand flashed me a sexy smile
when I returned to the kitchen, I wasn’t
sure if he heard any of our conversation. I did look up at the high ceiling in his house
and knew each word spoken echoed.
Love Notes Excerpt-
A damp tear hit the corner of my eye and I was glad to have only a touch of makeup
on, "I love you so much more," I replied. I pulled up on my feet to reach his waiting lips
and take him in and not only by the mouth, but by his waist to have him near me. We
moved from kissing to him dropping to his knees and slowly dropping my warm up pants
with one pull on the string. I come apart in seconds and bite my lower lip so that I could
contain my scream. A moan of pleasure shakes through my throat. I am breathless and
spent as I come and hear his soft groans of satisfaction below. I don’t know how I am
going to make it to or through the ceremony.
As Rand slowly rises up next to me licking his lips with the biggest grin, I reach below
to feel to the zipper holding him tightly restrained. Slowly, I release him from his jeans.
Fleeting thoughts passed my mind, to be in a compromising situation like this with so
many workers surrounding the property that at any moment any of them could walk in
on us…it actually made the moment more intimate and exciting and we couldn’t take
our hands off one another. It didn’t take too long until we were one with our bodies and I
felt a rush of emotion race through me as
yet another tear slid down my cheek. Rand noticed and looked intently into my eyes
and licked the droplet away. I was filled with Rand soulfully and completely. I felt the
pulsation of us beating in my core together.
As we usually are interrupted in our heated moments, this was special as it seemed a
long time we were there with one another and no one calling for us. This day was a new
beginning, affirmation of love, and a relationship that should have happened a long time
Music Notes Excerpt:
"Let me start with taking your shirt off so I can see you." I catch her eyes with that
comment and excitement is looking back
toward me. I lower my mouth to her flesh and taking her nipple to my lips. I’m holding
back to make love to her sweetly and slowly. Her hands rake through my hair rapidly
with need as she moans and then Madison pulls away from my mouth that was
sucking her luscious breasts. Before I can try to protest or slow down our pace she has
positioned herself on top of me and she is rubbing her mound against my jeans eagerly
waiting for me to make the next move. I can’t resist her repeated gyrations, I am going
to freaking come before I get inside her. Keeping her seated over me I raise my pelvis
lifting her up a slight bit and she giggles. I shift my already unzipped pants down and
now she can continue her dance on my naked, exposed shaft.
All that is between us is her long skirt that she hiked up in her initial climb on top of me.
I take my tense hands and tightly pull up the sides of the fabric until it is close to her
smooth thighs. All I know is that I want to find my resting place between those thighs.
I slide my free hand underneath her skirt and can feel the warmth that is coming from
her. I touch her with just a flick and she quivers and groans. Her head is thrown back
and her eyes closed and she is still rocking and moving her pelvis into me, but now with
me playing her folds.
"Rand, I, oh, I, meant to make you feel…oh, that feels so good." Madison is getting
out of breath. I know it won’t be long, I only have to play with her just a tiny bit more.
Oh yeah, she will be breathless in about fifteen seconds… "RAND OH YES, YES,
RAND!!!!" In my head I know that was actually just about five seconds, and I’m grateful
for that. I know I can’t hold out much longer, and I still haven’t gotten inside her.
I almost expected her to lie next to me and relax after having a great orgasm. I was
wrong though. She always feels that she has to take care of me. Without shifting
positions, Madison reaches under and finds what is waiting for her. She takes hold of
me and guides me right into her warmth and we groan in unison as we fit together so
damn perfectly.
I received an ARC in exchanged for an honest review


Madison was trying to find herself after her failed marriage. I liked that she decided to peruse her dreams of writing. When Madison introduces herself to Max Rand there was an instant connection between the two.
We see the struggle that Madison went through with her insecurities and her confidence when it came to being around Rand and all the beautiful girls that follow rock stars.
I liked Rand. He was sexy, kind and mysterious. A man with a lot of loses in his life however, he chose to enjoy the one thing he loved 'Music' and eventually make Madison 'HIS'.
Overall, I felt that all three books were OK. Each book flowed into the other nicely and the storied eventually developed into a HEA. It was good to see each character grow and learn to trust, love and overcome obstacles.
My fault with this series was that I felt that the story was predictable. At times I was bored. Even when the writer tried to throw in a few curve balls I could still see what was coming. I wanted to be on the edge of my seat, I wanted to feel that emotional connection to the main characters but all I could come up with was the word 'OK'.
I could not end off my review without mentioning the supporting characters. You will like their sense of humours, root for them and also want to find out more about them.
I rated this each book in this series with  a 3 star***. I just couldn't feel the love in this one. Sorry!

Author that has the passion for putting her pen and ideas to paper. A pure romance
junkie and she loves to tell stories. She was an English Major of LaSalle University
and always wanted to be a writer. In the past years her books titled - From the Vine
(a collection of writings/poems) and Cody and the Pumpkin Truck (a Childrens' Book)
were published. She has also written many other childrens' stories, lyrics, articles and
wedding ceremonies. Currently she is deep into her Heartbeat Series of Contemporary
Romance Novels which are titled - ROCK NOTES, LOVE NOTES, MUSIC NOTES,
Also coming soon The Crossing Series I, II and III of The Knot Hole, The Passage and
The Muse.
Renee resides in Eagleville, PA. with her husband Michael, of many years and her two
cats - Nyah and Cody. She has a great support system of Love from her family and
Renee BELIEVES you should follow your DREAMS and that -
The HAPPIEST of people don't have the best of everything,
they simply make the best of everything.
Renee loves to travel, especially to St. Martin - Netherland Antilles. She enjoys meeting
new people to inspire her and she will always write down a person's name that is unique
to use as a potential character in her future writings.

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