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An alcoholic. A scarred man. A thief.

Harvey, a twenty-two-year-old high school drop-out arrives home, a brief stint in rehab behind him and ready to start his life again. Then he meets Beth and her innocence and her desire to have it all capture him completely.

A girl on the cusp of womanhood. Determined. A bright future.

Beth, a recent high school graduate among the top in her class, can’t wait to get to college and fulfill her dreams. Then she meets Harvey and with his mysterious past, he stirs feelings in her she can't ignore.

The chemistry between them is unmistakable but Harvey doesn't trust easily and refuses to divulge his past to Beth though she wants to be a part of his future.

The pieces of their lives lie broken all around them, but can Harvey put his life back together and win Beth over before she begins her new life without him? And can Beth find the strength to become the woman she wants to be without sacrificing her integrity?
Rated: 3.5 Stars

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

I really liked the sound of this book from the blurb. It is about Beth who has just graduated high school and is about to embark on her new "grown up" life in college. She is a self proclaimed book nerd, very academic and wants to study education in college. She is very naïve, especially around boys and has to deal with both her over protective father and Lucy her best friend judging her decisions.

She meets Harvey who is 22 and who has just come out of rehab for alcoholism. Harvey is a general bad boy and has been in trouble with the law.
Of course Beth notices his good looks and is intrigued by him even though she is warned off him.

This story focuses on Beth maturing into a woman and Harvey trying to put the pieces of his life back together. Can he battle his demons and move on to a happily ever after with Beth? Will Beth learn to accept Harvey and his bad life decisions or will she take the safer college boy boyfriend that will please her friends and family?

I couldn't really get into this book. I just felt there was something lacking. Harvey's back story that explained his behaviour was not revealed until around half way through the book. Beth's character lacked depth for me and annoyed me at times. The second half of the book did pick up pace but with the chapters going back and forth between Harvey and Beth I felt this made the story slightly disjointed.

I was enjoying reading the story and at around 70% thought "oh no, we have a cliff hanger coming up"! There was no way I felt the story could have been concluded with the time left in the book. For me, one minute Beth was thinking she was in love with another and their relationship was getting stronger. I would have love to get an insight into this relationship and it's demise

Harvey's back story is heartbreaking and is described very well by the author, but the bad choices he made had me screaming at times!

My fears of a cliff hanger were unfounded. The story did have a conclusion of sorts but did end very abruptly with no epilogue. Maybe this leads the way for a second book!

For me, this book was more Y/A than N/A. It is not your stereotypical good girl meets bad boy story of healing each other's issues and I applaud the author for the direction the story went in with a few surprising twists and turns. In fact in the end I was left with wanting more and I believe a second book to continue Beth and Harvey's story would be a very good read.

Tracy Krimmer started writing in grade school. Poetry was her first love, and after writing a series of one and two page stories in her third grade Creative Writing notebook, she knew she had many stories to tell. After taking a break from writing, she finally re-discovered her spark in 2012.
Pieces of it All is her first New Adult Contemporary Romance, and she is working on two new books now. An avid reader, she picks up books from almost every genre, and explores many in her own works.




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