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BLOG TOUR+GIVEAWAY~ A Secret to Keep by Railyn Stone


Keeping secrets is a horrible way to live. Sloane Davis should know.
She's kept her son a secret from his father for almost a year.

Now, her worst nightmare is coming true. Her ex is re-entering her professional life in the midst of the biggest project of her career. She's about to come face to face with the only man she's ever loved - her son's father.

Gates McCall is a brash man. He hasn't always been this way, but when Sloane walked out on him, something inside him broke. When his company's newest acquisition brings the two of them together once more, little does he know seeing her will bring back a flood of memories, feelings, and an unexpected surprise.
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Railyn Stone hails from the Tar Heel State and is a romantic at heart. She believes you can find romance in the simplest aspects of life and enjoys letting her imagination run wild. Trying new restaurants, listening to music, playing golf and writing over the top stories about ordinary people are the hobbies she cherishes most.

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I received an ARC via Net galley for an honest review
Ratings: 3.5 Stars

While browsing Net galley for my next read, I came across A Secret to Keep.
Initially, the blurb is what really drew me to this story. Overall, I thought the story was an ok read. With this story there was so many things that could have been added to make me fall in love with the story a little more.

First, let me start with what I did like about this read.
After reading 'A Secret to Keep', I realized I don't read a lot of books with interracial couples. I loved how Gates loved everything about Sloane (curly hair, her skin, etc.). I love it when characters have strong and funny individuals around them and I really appreciated how Sloane's friends and aunt was always there to protect and assist her. The story has a HEA which I appreciated. 
What I didn't like about A Secret to Keep.

I felt that the secret that Sloane was keeping shouldn't have been a secret. Sloane had so many times to reveal what she was hiding from Gates however she felt it was in her son's best interest to keep lying. I wanted to stand behind her decisions and say ” Yes, you go girl you are doing the right thing”. Instead I just could not understand her reasoning behind the entire situation. Just thinking about Sloane stirs up a little anger and frustrated in me. I found myself questioning the age of Sloane and a few times Gates. Sloane sounded between the ages of 19-21, inexperience and immature(Sorry).

Overall, I wish the story would have had a better pace and have that element to keep me engaged. I wanted Sloane to be  a little more confident and actually reason with herself when it came to her decisions. I wanted to feel that connection I love to make with the characters of a book. A Secret to Keep does bring out emotions like anger and frustration.
Was this one good? It took me a few days to read this and I wished I had a better review for the author. I commend the author for putting out her thoughts and allowing me to read this title.


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